Monday, 30 June 2014


I am really happy to announce that I will be back to blogging every week, which is something that has been weighing on me for some time now. It is really difficult to balance all aspects of a business when you are flowing with significantly sized projects, which is something that I aim to learn and get better at as we continue to grow and grow.

Having a business is a serious juggling act and even though I do have to say I am organised and a good at multi tasking, there are major flaws in my organisational skills and getting them sorted is something I want to re focus on now that I am winding down before my big trip.

That's right, have you heard? I am heading overseas for a month to travel and learn about all the new trends in August and I cannot wait. Lots of new and exciting experiences will broaden my mind for what is going to be another huge year for JDZ Designs. We are also in the process of re branding, so yes the website and the blog will change and evolve again. That is taking a lot more time then I had anticipated so it won't be ready for our 1st birthday, which yes is in fact tomorrow.

In the meantime to celebrate the beginning of the blog again, which I aim to have three posts per week going up and more, I have added some behind the scenes images of what we have been designing lately. A series of display suites for multi residential projects that will begin development in Hornsby.

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I designed the kitchens and bathrooms, developed all renders, designed the display suites, picked all the finishes and managed it all to life.

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