Friday, 8 August 2014


One of my favourite go to suppliers for all things cool is Sparkk. They know me well and are always willing to help me out on any project that I am working on. I love it not only because they are sustainable in their practice but it is all made with love right here in Sydney and on demand. 

Do not get me wrong, I love having creative freedom sometimes because honestly, I do A LOT of thinking and at times, I just want the patterns and materials to be all ready to go for me and all I have to just say, "that's it" and off we go. I love Sparkk because they have that creative balance down pat, I have some creative freedom with colours and have heaps of patterns to pick from and if I really want to be wild with the design, they can customise it for me. 

I am so excited because for a couple of months now they have opened their own online store, so that their amazing patterns and designs are available and accessible to everyone. 

If you are off looking for something unique for your home or that perfect cushion, this is the place you will be find it. 

Visit the store by clicking here. 

All images are sourced directly from the Sparkk Store. 
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