Wednesday, 12 March 2014


I'm back with Warrior Wednesdays, where I am wanting to cover all things health related as I have become very very passionate about it over the last year.

Do you watch MKR? Well, even if you don't a pair of Bondi boys who are personal trainers were on the show last year and because I am a fan of the show... I mean I love cooking... I come from an Italian background and I am a female...need I say more? It's kinda in built in the genes... well not really, I was made to learn how to make good food for myself... which is not a bad thing at all! Back on topic, Luke and Scott  have their own book "Clean Living " that is dedicated to healthy eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, two things that are right up my ally. Long story short... I got this little idea from Scott who posted it on his instagram the other day.

Sweet Potato Fritters - very healthy indeed and such a quick and easy thing to make that is not only good for you but, very yum. So I thought I would share it with you today!

All you need is ...

   1 whole sweet potato ( 2 if you are cooking for 4 ) 
1 egg ( 2 if you are cooking for 4 )
Salt & Pepper 
  Fry pan

And... that's pretty much it... oh and use avocado oil to fry them in. Yes, it is very good for you and
a great alternative to your other processed oils... except for olive oil. I will and still cook with olive oil always!

 First step is to the grate the sweet potato into a bowl like so:

   Second step is to add the egg white to the mixture ( not the yoke ) 

  Make a little circle with a small handful of the sweet potato 
   and then flatten it into a mini pattie and fry away

Presto! You have your delicious and very healthy fritters. 

Tips: Season well with salt and pepper and shallow fry no deep frying involved! 

Sarah Wilson would be very proud of me right now! 


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