Tuesday, 25 March 2014


I could not believe that they didn't want to showcase the results of the winners on Sunday night as usual... bold move by the nine network and The Block producers if you ask me. Everyone was so annoyed that they didn't know share the news on Sunday... it really left us all hanging, but I really did have a feeling that Brad and Dale were going to take out the win this week. The boys really do deserve a lot of credit for their hard work, relaxed nature and bright ideas. I really do think they crowned the win as they really thought outside the box, I don't think the aesthetic was as elegant and wow as some of the other rooms, even though their bathroom finishes were exceptional. The thing is... it really is all subjective which makes the judges role very difficult. They really do need to consider many other factors when deciding on the winner other than just "look" and "feel" which is why I feel the boys overall risk, concept and finishes brought them over the line. Hat off to Chantell and Steve though, they really have come a long way and refined their wacky style.

My favourite this week, was not really any particular room but the void in the twins apartment, as well as all the textural wall finishes and hardware. How amazing are the sleek black taps and vanities? They really win me over including the perforated metal spiral stairs!

What are your thoughts? Would love to hear from you below! Use the little pencil in the bar below to fill in a comment.

Everything can be found from The Block Website as well all the cool homewares, artwork and accessories can be found on The Block Shop

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Two posts in one day?! What the hell is going on? ... Well I am inspired that is what is happening today and I have much to share so lets get right to it.

You all know already that I am a huge fan of Sarah Wilson and everything that she stands for so she has again inspired this post, because here at JDZ we really like being rule breakers and stepping away from the crowd. I am all about personality in your home because that is how you tell your story but I am also about keeping your home fresh and vibrant. The thing is I don't mean this in a way that suggests that you SHOULD go out and buy new furniture every month or to match your seasons, I mean that your key pieces and elements around your home should be that, key pieces, that are timeless and always there, but that doesn't mean that changing around your space buy adding in a new cushion that you fall in love with or a brighter colour candle in summer is 'wrong' if it appears on your coffee table... that is actually fine, or not, there really is no right or wrong... it is what works for you and what embodies your personality. If you want vibrance during summer, go get that sweet smelling candle, if you want to be warm in winter, invest in that super wooly bulky blanket that adds that texture to your key couch.

I want to find out from all of you wether you are a story teller in your home or you are more seasonal? Do you believe in having or finding elements that are talking points or different, has history and adds richness to your space?

The thing is, space plays a huge part in our lives especially our homes, it is where we live, it is where we develop a lifestyle, not to mention it impacts the way we feel and how others perceive us. This is why I believe personality and following the concept of creating a "healthy" space is by embodying you.

So, What is your style? Are a mixture of both or are you one or the other?


This post is not going to have any images other than a very inspirational quote because there really isn't anything that I can say then... being yourself is the most effective and best tool that you own and many of us just don't trust that enough. Last night I attended my first ever reader event hosted by The Collective and it was the most refreshing and vibrant event I have been too ... in along while! Last issue I was fortunate enough to have a little feature in the "You're the Collective" part of the magazine and there are no other cliched words to say than ... it was a dream come true. To be recognised for what I do and for what I believe in is more than rewarding, it means that I am doing something right and last night at the event it was reaffirmed time and time again. No matter how hard it gets or how many times I fall off the track of climbing the business mountain, I will keep discovering and developing the major "Why" behind my passion and decision to have my own business.

You need to be yourself, in every aspect of your life, that is all we have, authenticity and love. That is where we build our dreams and hopes from... that is what is the most attractive thing anyone can have or offer. Everyone has support, but the most important support is the support you give yourself, so do it, support yourself, back your 200% even if you have no idea what you are doing... be honest and the rest falls into place. I don't really know how it does, but I just have faith it will. I may be a talented Interior Designer... but there is a whole lot more on offer than just that... and that is what I am working on because I really don't know everything but I am here to find out everything and anything I can and turn that into kick ass knowledge and edge.

In the words of Lisa Messenger " WATCH THIS SPACE!!! "

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


SJP? No other than Sarah Jessica Parker that is, best known for playing Carrie in Sex and The City, a very popular show around the world. I am a huge fan of SJP including SATC ... the fashion, the shoes, the stories... I could go on for hours.

A very exciting thing occurred last week where Vogue went inside SJP's New York apartment and shot her over 70 questions about herself, what she loves and her home. It is a very fascinating watch and really captures the actress in her normal life and environment, which is full of interesting things and character. Her bright and awesome personality just doesn't shine through on the camera but through her interiors as well... I couldn't love this more, it is 5 minutes of your time very well spent, well for us ladies and interior lovers anyway.

What I also really love about this, is that her home has a real sense of history and stories... it seems as though you could spent a lifetime in there, learn so much about the people who inhabit the space and the history behind all the pieces. There is an interesting debate this idea relates to, which I will share with you all later in the week.

Video sourced from trusty You Tube and image courtesy of Google.

Monday, 17 March 2014


The rookie couple have finally done it! They have secured a winning room, which was so heart warming to see. Honestly though and I am going to be very honest with you hear, I was SO surprised and the judges comments regarding their styling- I didn't like the cushion at all, well not in that context anyway. In saying that though, there space was very well considered and that seating for their dining room and living room was a huge winner, especially the under seating lighting! 

My favourite of the week though is a tie between the FAVS... how amazing were both their rooms. I love the girls different layout and real loft feel, the fire and the set out really reminded me of a 1950s feel living room but with a modern twist and same goes for the boys. I don't think that it is too different from their kitchen at all, I actually think they did a great job combing the two together and all the colours work. 

What did you think? What did you think about Super K's? -- I do think they needed a lot more colour... it was looking very grey... and I love grey, it was just a little too much. 

You can find all the photos and info at The Block website as well as all the products at The Block Shop. 

Friday, 14 March 2014


A couple of weeks back I shared a few behind the scenes pictures of the shoot we did with Couchelo.
Today I want to share more, and the blog post that Couchelo have recently posted to give all our views an idea of the all the different and unique furniture pieces you can find to arrange in your home.

Take a look below:

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


I'm back with Warrior Wednesdays, where I am wanting to cover all things health related as I have become very very passionate about it over the last year.

Do you watch MKR? Well, even if you don't a pair of Bondi boys who are personal trainers were on the show last year and because I am a fan of the show... I mean I love cooking... I come from an Italian background and I am a female...need I say more? It's kinda in built in the genes... well not really, I was made to learn how to make good food for myself... which is not a bad thing at all! Back on topic, Luke and Scott  have their own book "Clean Living " that is dedicated to healthy eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, two things that are right up my ally. Long story short... I got this little idea from Scott who posted it on his instagram the other day.

Sweet Potato Fritters - very healthy indeed and such a quick and easy thing to make that is not only good for you but, very yum. So I thought I would share it with you today!

All you need is ...

   1 whole sweet potato ( 2 if you are cooking for 4 ) 
1 egg ( 2 if you are cooking for 4 )
Salt & Pepper 
  Fry pan

And... that's pretty much it... oh and use avocado oil to fry them in. Yes, it is very good for you and
a great alternative to your other processed oils... except for olive oil. I will and still cook with olive oil always!

 First step is to the grate the sweet potato into a bowl like so:

   Second step is to add the egg white to the mixture ( not the yoke ) 

  Make a little circle with a small handful of the sweet potato 
   and then flatten it into a mini pattie and fry away

Presto! You have your delicious and very healthy fritters. 

Tips: Season well with salt and pepper and shallow fry no deep frying involved! 

Sarah Wilson would be very proud of me right now! 


Tuesday, 11 March 2014


While we are on the subject of custom rugs, even though I don't have my own rug range... YET! Let's just say, I wouldn't turn it down if it was offered to me... You would have to be crazy not to say yes to your own collection, I am working on the closest thing to it, a custom one for the farmhouse. Now I don't talk about the farmhouse much because it is all confidential but it must be said and shared that this custom design is coming along very nicely. Here is a sneak peek... 


Shaynna Blaze, Interior Designer and best known for her judging on The Block as well as Selling Houses Australia has just launched her own rug collection by ... the Rug Collection Australia.
How exciting, that is pretty much a dream come true for any designer and the ultimate compliment. Her collection is based on the idea of textures and that relaxed beach vibe, which fits the name Textured Coast very well. They are very understated in colour, pattern and tone which means they will work in a mixture of different colour palettes and styles.

What do you think of her new range? Would you love a Shaynna Blaze rug? You can find out more about her collection by clicking right here.

Monday, 10 March 2014


Did you see The Block kitchen reveals last night? It was epic and I must say I think the judges were very harsh on the boys, their kitchen is so them and it wasn't cold at all! The only thing I didn't like was the stools... they could have been a little more inventive... maybe blue ones? Anyway, the twins moving the kitchen was a brilliant idea and totally something that I would have done too, the space is just a little too small for a kitchen otherwise. They did really nail the brief and deserved the win... but again the super K's just keep nailing it too. How amazing was their splash back? I loved the concept and the timber is just amazing. How good is Kyle... seriously?! Can he be my chippy? His timber work is beyond amazing, to have it so seamless like that on the pantry door is NOT easy and it looked great. His work is very high quality and that is what really gives the super K's their edge. I really like that Chantelle  and Steve think outside the square a little and I loved the positive of their Island but they didn't have the very important kitchen triangle down and I really think that is something you need to have down. A kitchen needs to look practical as well as amazing and be the heart of the home. I haven't had the pleasure of designing a new kitchen from scratch yet or design a bespoke kitchen so I am really looking forward to do that one day!!

All images as usual are sourced from The Block website and make sure to visit The Block Shop for all the information on the awesome products and artists. The artworks are beyond amazing don't you agree?!!

By the way, I am going to be fixing my commenting system down here on the blog so make sure you get involved and get commenting soon!!

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