Tuesday, 17 September 2013


You probably under estimate the value of what a rug can do for you and your space. You probably have not ever really noticed before, but a rug is such an important part of anchoring a space, especially your home. Rugs work to add colour, personality, pattern, zoning, anchoring, warmth, sitting space, protection... my list continues. It is always the way when looking to update your home and or looking to furnish a place, it is the little things you do not expect to have to buy or spend some kind of money on. Well, you do not really need to spend a lot of money on one, but I have to break it to you, just like your new Ikea couch is going to cost you $800, be prepared to spend the money you save on cheaper furnishing on buying a decent rug, that might only cost you $100-$400 ( if you are on a budget & cost generally depends on size required)

Think of it in terms of buying a dress and this is direct at the ladies! Most of you are prepared to spend that amount on a new outfit and wont buy your own home a new rug to give it some warmth and style. If you buy the right rug, you will most likely only buy it once or for as long as you require it, which will I guarantee you, will be at least 3-5 years.


Do not buy large pile, fluffy rugs if it does not suit your practical needs and you have children, it will only be a waste.

Do not buy a rug that sheds hair if you are not prepared the clean it and you again have children or floors that show the hair.

Do not buy a white rug if you have children or you are clumsy, because you will spill that red wine.

Do not buy a rug that cannot be easily cleaned or show dirt.

Do not buy a rug that is made of silk, unless it is for show only.


Do buy a low pile rug, sisal rugs or a rug with a very durable strong weave.

Do think of it as an investment and I think about the difference it makes to your environment.

Do think about wool combinations, the use of the rug and where it will be going go in your home.

You will only buy it once if you buy in right in at least 3 to 5 years, where as you will most likely only wear that dress off the rack once and then need to buy another one for your next event. Ways around the lump sum that needs to go into buying a rug can be buying smaller sizes and buying a couple or buy three different style runners ( Ikea have a great selection ) and them layering them so you get a really unique look and make up a rug at the same time.

Here are some great resources for rugs on a budget and some inspiration.

Image sourced from Ikea. It is the new Stockholm rug available in Yellow. 

Sourced from Freedom. Their new Summer 2014 range has limitless possibilities and orange is in!
Freedom is a great resource for rugs. 

Sourced from Freedom and it is such a great way to add softness and anchoring to a dining area. 
Do not be scared of using a rug under the dinning table. The dark colours allows for protection and low pile
will not get ruined. 

Layering allows you to be playful with rugs and create unique and interesting looks.
Image Sourced from My Pinterest. 

Kilm, Tribal and Aztec prints are amazing ways to add great colour and pattern to a contemporary design.
Image sourced from My Pinterest

Low Pile shaggy rugs look messy on purpose to give that really soft and effortless
look. This is very on trend at the moment, especially this style. Very much suitable
for a bedroom or study area. Image sourced from My Pinterest.

Temple & Webster have a great promotion happening at the moment with Cadrys, which gives you the opportunity to purchase some amazing Aztec inspired, vintage pieces at a very reasonable price. Make sure you sign up and take a look, you wont regret making the investment if you make it right.

Happy Tuesday,


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