Monday, 15 July 2013


I love a bit of architectural history and obviously learning new things, understanding how things are made, why particular eras developed and the list continues. Europe holds such an abundance of culture and architectural history that is mind blowing-ly awesome as the designs and architecture are so developed and rich. It is not just about making a beautiful building, it is about the era, the politics, climate,  culture and again the list continues. That is why I find it so inspiring and enriching to understand how particular countries and people inhabit spaces, design and build. So today I am sharing this beautiful interior that I came across during my researching hour, which will teach you something you did not know about design and architecture, even if it is just about texture in a home.

The images you see below are of of a "Prince in his Home" ( Un Prince en son Chateau). From what I understand there was a man who wanted to change his environment and move to Spain to enjoy a life made of sun. This English man by the name of Paul restored 12 houses in Los Castillejos in Andualusia, Spain. He restored them in keeping with Andalusain traditional architecture, but what is Andalusain tradition? Well, Andalusia is the second largest community in Spain and it's capital is Seville. It is rich in history and it's main architectural influence were from the Neolithic ear as well as the Muslim ear. These particular homes though retain Andalusain's other traditional design roots which are Roman & Arabic. This is why you get a very strong sense of a Mediterranean influence while viewing these images. It is believed that this traditional style is so prominent in this area because of the climate. Solid exteriors, painted in lime minimising heat, tiles, interior patio and or courtyard which makes for homes that are full of functional as well as decorative characteristics.

Even though it is such a neutral pallet it is full of textural elements that make it so warm. I actually love how the walls have the rough finish and exposed stone in areas. Elements such as the shower, windows, columns are all very unique in their design and shape. I love the idea of cutting into the columns and utilising them as a place for housing candles. Imagine it at night and how amazing it would be in creating a relaxing atmosphere as well as being a source of light. There is no denying that you get a sense of the surroundings and it's environment through the unique interior.

All images sourced from Planete Deco as well as Waranda. 

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