Friday, 12 July 2013


It has been an exciting week but not just for me but for Sanity's Collision, an awesome soft rock acoustic band! One of the lead singers guitarists and singers happens to be my boyfriend, and yes I am going to go promote them and their exciting news right here! Well the blog is about JDZ and all the exciting behind the scenes activity and things that inspire us! Today was a big day as they got the chance to play a private gig for the Sydney Swans at the SCG! One of the reasons I am sporting some awesome tired bags under my eyes this week ending is because I was listening and critiquing Evan's rehearsal earlier in the week at about midnight, no rest for the wicked! They played some sweet covers of Bruno Mars, Foo Fighters and Bon Jovi. Despite me being their number one fan, they are actually really good and play regular gigs at Sydney Boutique Markets. You can listen to their sweet tunes & find out more about them on their Facebook page!

Have a great weekend,

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