Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Well it has been a very exciting morning as I have just been featured in an interview by an amazing artist, interior stylist and blogger Anna White of Lona de Anna. Lona de Anna features a monthly post called  "Make Your Mark" which features woman in business who are achieving their dreams. It is a post about inspiring others to have the courage to keep doing what they love to achieve everything that they desire. I have been following Lona de Anna through her blog and instagram for a while now and really love her work. She was too an inspiration to me when I was questioning myself, thinking is this what I should be doing? Is it worth it? Is it the right time? All those questions you ask yourself.

So it was a real pleasure and thrill to be interviewed by her for "Make your Mark." It also marks the first official publication on JDZ Designs, which in itself is ... well, awesome!

Here is a sneak peek, but you can find the full interview by clicking here.

Happy reading,

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