Tuesday, 16 July 2013


When you think of Neon colour, do you think the 80's and 90's? Because I used to, but recently, especially last summer NEON was in with vengeance! This post is inspired by an article I read yesterday which I will be sharing with you all towards the end of the week... however, thought I would get the ball rolling today.

As I have mentioned on several occasions it is important to add some personality to a space, even if it is through unique pieces of homewares on your dining table. It has become such a big trend especially when creating an eclectic style interior to mix match modern, industrial and traditional chairs at dining tables, bring a big hit of colour or pattern into a space through a feature tile, mixing matching different patterns and contrasting colours you would never think would go together...EVER! But with such a diverse mix of trends and fabs running around the design and interior world it is no surprise that we keep seeing a little bit or a lot of neon everywhere. When I say everywhere I mean everywhere, shoes, clothes, cars, furniture, lighting, art... you name it and I bet you it comes in neon.

 Do not be afraid to use colour, it is the easiest way to create an accent or feature in your space!! I'm pretty sure the next sequence of images are going to scare the living colour out of you...

Pops of NEON colours! What do you think of the combination?
a bit much? Sourced from Pinterest. Find it under
my boards.

Crazy contrasting Neon colours but it works in a very
strange way! You surely would not miss this house if you
were walking down the street.
Sourced from Pinterest. Find it under my boards.

Yes it does! Sourced from Pinterest. Find it under my boards.

JDZ Signature Isola Lace Print in Teal.
Find it here.

If you are a fan of The Block like me you would have already heard of the lovely designer homewares brand Bonnie & Neil, who are the creative geniuses behind the timber tiles that were used in the first bedroom by Trixxy & Jono. They are not afraid to use colour and or patterns to create amazing products. They also have a fantastic range of dining accessories such as table runner and coasters that can add that bit of NEON into your space. What I also love about this Melbourne duo is that everything  is handmade and printed by them onsite. How could you not love these amazing geometric patterns? They make me instantly want to smile every time I look at them.

You can find out more about Bonnie & Neil by clicking here.

What do you think about having a burst of neon colour in one of your spaces?

Cordoba tile orange. You can find it by clicking here.
Image sourced from Bonnie & Neil website.

Dahlia pink tile. You can find it by clicking here.
Image sourced from the Bonnie & Neil Website. 

Amazing colours and pattern for dining accessories by Bonnie & Neil.
Teamed with plates by Mud. Image sourced from Pinterest.
You can find these products from Bonnie & Neil by clicking here.

Summer 2012 range of timber tiles by Bonnie & Neil.
Exact tiles seen on The Block Skyhigh 2013.
Laguna Timber Tiles in Blue.
You can find them here.
Hope this little bit of neon brings some brightness to your sunny Tuesday!


Credits: All images sourced from either Pinterest or the Bonnie & Neil website. Please see all captions on photos for more details.
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